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1.recommend doing sth.建议做某事 Butchers recommend cooking meat with the fat and trimming it away later. 肉贩建议先把肉整个儿煮熟,然后再将肥肉切去。 Most authorities recommend letting the baby nurse whenever it wants. 大部分...

to do

都有.. recommend that sb (should) do sth. recommend sb to do sth sb is/was recommended to do sth advise sb (should) do sth. advise sb to do sth. 像advice这类词只有表示建议的时候才要用do sth.而不能用to do,但当它不表示建议的时候...

没有 是recommend sb sth 或者recommend sth/sb to sb

advise. allow. permit. forbid

what food do you recommend? 语法没错,也有这样的用法。 但我不确定是不是你想表达的意思。 这句用了一般现在时,也就是什么食物你“平时都这样”推荐。 例如, what cat food do vets recommend?兽医会推荐哪种猫粮? 如果你要表达,你会推荐...

suggest doing suggest sb to do suggest that sb (should) do

Do you have any food to recommend? 你有什么可以推荐的食物吗?

This is ___ I recommend you to do. A.what B.that C.which D.whatever 我的答案选D,解释是:what为复合关系副词=the thing which(that).... 我的疑问是which并没有作从句的主语或宾语或介词宾语啊???问题补充: 不好意思,写错了书上答案是A 它...

简单点就是:Do you have any film to recommend? me 或 to me 都可省略 要不就是: Is there any film that you can recommend for me?

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