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“Daddy, can I learn to play the (71) ? I’ll try very hard.” 2011-08-12 怎样做好完形填空、看图填词和听短文这些题目。

"Playdaddy Another Adam, Another Eve Another Apple"种子下载地址: 采纳!做一个有道德的观众

"Daddy, can I learn to play the violin?" young Sarah asked her father. She was always asking for things and her father was not very pleased. "...

Tonight to the stars Tonight I'm seein' stars (3x) Once again, I find myself wit my friends, dancin' the night away It's like the ...

I can play kite, too. In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never snow. 我是来自深圳。在春天,在天气温暖及潮湿。我可以玩风筝。在夏季,...

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