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Chinese New Year From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other traditions of celebrating the Lunar New Year, see Lunar New Year (disambiguation). For the 1991 Chinese film, see The Spring Festival. Chinese New Year Also calle...


rooster 大公鸡 chicken 肉鸡 其中的含义不一样 答题不易,敬请采纳

the new year is coming 新年就要到了


Twelve Years of Animals( 12生肖) 1.Year of the Rat 鼠年 2.Year of the Ox 牛年 3.Year of the Iiger 虎年 4.Year of the Rabbit 兔年 ...

Happy Year of the Pig 猪年快乐 Happy Year of the mouse鼠年快乐 Happy Year of the Ox 牛年快乐 Happy Year of the Tiger 虎年快乐 Happy Year ...

鸡年 英文翻译如下: the Year of the Rooster [例句] Ivanka and Arabella arrived towards the end of the Year of the Rooster festivities just ...

china's year of the rooster 意思是 中国的鸡年 rooster意思是公鸡 year的意思是年份

Happy New year of Rooster

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