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Do you make it a rule to go skating every winter?你每年都去溜冰吗? make it a rule to do 使它成为一个规则,可以理解为必须要做,成为习惯的意思。

你好! make it a rule to do sth 使它成为一个规则去做某事

to do是对的.这是个固定短语.


make it as rule: 是谓宾补结构 make it a rule: 是错误结构, 你可以说: make a rule

however, taking the astonished Sylvia by the hand, glided into her mistress’s cabin with a scornful laugh, and shut the door behind her

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We make it a rule to settle on the 25th all bill render on or before...please do be sure to pay enough of your social insurance fee before every...

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