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Every little thing that you say or do I'm hung up I'm hung up on you Waiting for your call Baby night and day I'm fed up I'm tired of waiting on you Time goes by so slowly for those who wait No time to hesitate Those who run se...

hang 悬挂 过去式 hung hanged 例句 She hanged her coat over there . 她把上衣悬挂在那边。 hang 绞死 过去式 hanged 例句 You will be hanged . 你将会被绞死。


hung up [英][hʌŋ ʌp][美][hʌŋ ʌp] 念念不忘的; 过于担心的; 过分介意的; 例句: 1. He quickly hung up the phone. 他很快就挂了电话。 2. Several thousand respondents hung up their telephones before answer...

Kings Hung's anniversary,的中文翻译 Kings Hung's anniversary, 国王的周年纪念,


hang up 是挂电话的意思,hung up 是他的过去式。 (hang 本身是把东西 "挂" 起来的意思) >> He picked up the ringing phone but hung up without saying anything. 他把响著的电话接起来,但什麼都没说就挂掉了。 (hang up用法) >> Hang the pi...


LS扯 Hang out是随便出去玩,go hang out with ur friends, mostly ur close friend Date usually means go more private occasion or go out with ur GF or BF. It's more formal. But dont have nesscarily to be GF and BF

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