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go to college去上大学 go to the college去那所大学,不一定是以学习为目的,很可能是以办事情、找人为目的。

go to college去上大学 go to the college 去那所大学,不一定是以学习为目的,很可能是以办事情、找人为目的。

University students have been longing for the place. But about why go to college, but few people consider. Perhaps you are depicted in a variety of beautiful high school teacher, or by your knowledge of the endless pursuit of t...

go on to college 和 go on college 不仅有词义差别,而且有适用性差别。 go on to college 是常见的表达方式,意思是“继续(学习)考入大学”,即“继续”的目的是为了进大学读书。go on college 则是一个非正式的表达方式,意思是“继续大学的学习...

小题1:C小题2:A小题3:B小题4:C小题5:A小题6:C小题7:B小题8:C小题9:B小题10:C 试题解析:本文大意:为什么我想上大学?没有人曾经问我这样的问题。但许多次我问我自己。我已经想出各种理由,最重要的原因是我想成为一个更好的人。许多事情使人类...

third. There is an old proverb, ‘Love me, love my dog.” But there is more wisdom in this:”


why do you want to go to college? 翻译: 你为什么想读大学? 希望我的回答对您有帮助,满意请采纳,谢谢。

Because of life

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