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ExpECt sth.oF sB.是什么意思

expect sth of sb 期待某人做某事 简明释义 expect sth of sb 期望(某人)(某物),对(某人)抱有(某事)的期望

盼望某人做某事 和期望做某事 区别 expect to do sth.是句子主语期望做某事; expect do sth.期望某人做某事 例句 I expected to pass the exam.不定式做宾语,表明是主语,我,想通过考试. I expected my son to pass the exam.不定式做宾补...

expect do sth意思是希望某人做某事。 expect to do sth 意思是期望做某事。 例句 'What did you expect me to do about it?' she demanded. “对此你期望我怎么办?”她质问道。 When youre first starting out you should expect to do a ...

expect to do sth. 是句子主语期望做某事; expect sb. to do sth. 期望某人做某事 具体使用不同。

expect / ɪkˈspekt; ɪkˋspɛkt/ v (a) [Tn,, Tf, Tt, Tnt] ~ sth (from sb/sth) think or believe that sth will happen or that sb/sth will come 预料, 预计, 期待, 盼望(某事物会发生或某人[某事物]会来到): This...

i expected to pass the exam. 不定式做宾语, 表明是主语, 我, 想通过考试. i expected my son to pass the exam. 不定式做宾补, 表明是宾语, 我的儿子, 通过考试. 希望能帮到你哦@_@

wish sb. to do sth. = want sb. to do sth. 表示希望某人做某事,希望比较小,expect sb to do sth期望某人做某事,更容易达到更强烈

没有种用法 下面expect些用法 What salary would you expect to get? 希望拿多少薪水 expect to do sth. What do you expect for a starting salary? 心理想起薪多少 expect for sth.(般名词) Be realistic you can't expect a big salary at ei...

应该是wish sb. sth吧``比如wish you better expect sb to do sth

expect sth from sb expect 不是expecte ·期望· 的意思 ---------------------------- 这句应该是 希望从sb上得到sth 不过很少见这句,但意思是通的。

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