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是一个名词,指的是恶魔的一些规则,具体情况需要参考书本的其他内容 I believe I am.Born as the bright summer flowers. 我相信我是出生在灿烂的夏天的花朵

far away from home--groove coverage

on a bright summer's day in 1964, a man took a photo of his daughter. 1964年,在一个明媚夏日,一个男人拿着他女儿的照片。

One Summer Night 演唱:钟镇涛、陈秋霞 One summer night the stars were shining bright One summer dream made with fancy whims That summer night my whole world tumbled down I could have died if not for you Each night I pray for yo...

Born as the bright summer flowersDo not withered undefeated fiery demon ruleHeart rate and breathing to bear the load of the cumbersomeBored一我听见回声,...

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