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是一个名词,指的是恶魔的一些规则,具体情况需要参考书本的其他内容 I believe I am.Born as the bright summer flowers. 我相信我是出生在灿烂的夏天的花朵

far away from home--groove coverage

on a bright summer's day in 1964, a man took a photo of his daughter. 1964年,在一个明媚夏日,一个男人拿着他女儿的照片。

泰戈尔的吗? 我就知道前一句 译为 “生如夏花般灿烂”

Born as the bright summer flowersDo not withered undefeated fiery demon ruleHeart rate and breathing to bear the load of the cumbersomeBored一我听见回声,...


Spring is green, Summer is bright, Autumn is gold, Winter is white. Year in year out, We work and fight, For a new world, of red sunlight....

Seasons(四季) Spring is green,Summer is bright,Autumn is gold,Winter is white. 春天是绿色的,夏天是明亮的,秋天是金色的,冬天是白色的。 Year ...

I remember that when I was little, I read a poem, a very simply one talking about seasons, it said: spring is green, summer is bright , autumn ...

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