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嗨,路易斯! 我写信来是要告诉你一些关于习俗和节日的事。 每个人都喜欢假期,因为不需要上学或上班。虽然所有的假期都意味着没有学业和工作,但是这些假期不都是一样的。有些节日里,你和朋友出去游玩;而在另一些节日里你在家吃饭,聊天,和...

如果你说的是以上这句话的翻译 We want foreigners to respect our culture and customs, and we should also agree with their culture and habits. 如果答案对您有所帮助,请采纳^o^


我可以了解到外国的一些风俗习惯的翻译是: I can understand some of the customs and habits of foreign countries

中国人的习俗 是 【Chinese customs】一般就说这个了。 Chinese 这个词做形容词:中国的、中国产的、中国人的、中国话的。。。。。。所以没有必要用所有格。 而[customs of Chinese] 不是很好,虽然也可以理解为Chinese为名词“中国人”,这个不如...

You must remember that t their customs are very different from ours.

Is this the first mid-autumn day you spend in China? Do you know the traditional customs of the mid-autumn day in China? What kind of moon cakes do you like best?喜欢什么样的月饼? Have you ever heard the story of ChangE? 听过...

Thank you for your help in China.I have made many friends and know much about Chinese customs and had the chance to visit Mount Tai and the Summer Palace and so on.

we should always respect local people and their custome.

尊重当地的风俗习惯。 翻译为英文是: 1. To respect local customs and habits. 2. To abide by the local customs and practices. 注:请提问者及时采纳答案,作为对回答者劳动和知识的尊重!

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